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Freedom Of
Building a Portfolio Together

Diversifying Risk
Increasing Returns

Pooling our resources together allows us to outperform what we would be able to do alone. It allows us to cashflow repairs keeping capital calls to a minimum and deploy our capital faster. Keeping these performance drags down really helps our ROI in the long run.

Long Term

Our investments are typically for a 5 year minimum. A longer investment timeframe makes for better returns then focusing on the next Quarter.


With hundred of deals under our belts and experience managing thousands of doors. We can spot a good deal.


While leverage boosts returns it also increases risk. We are very conservative with our debt ratio and believe "Cash is King".

Synergy Improves ROI

We bring together our experience in the market as investors and property managers along with Real Estates incredible wealth building tools to improve our returns.
What We DO

Real Estate

In Real Estate there is a saying that the deal of the decade comes around every week. It takes A LOT of money to close a deal and it often takes a long time before you can get your money out of that property. With so many opportunities, and funds often being tied up, investors look for alternative sources of capital. A real estate syndication is just a fancy word for a business where people give an investor money to manage and in return they get a percent of the profits without doing anything. Passive Income!

Investing with us is a long term partnership. Making sure we are a good fit matters. The better we know you, the more we can do to make sure you are in the right investment.

General Partners

General Partners

In a syndication the general partner (GP), sponsor, syndicator etc. is the person or group putting together and managing the investment group. They are usually paid through a combination of fees and equity ownership. Its their job to find and evaluate deals to bring to the investment group.
Due Diligence

Due Diligence

We work hard to do as much as we can to safeguard our investments. We find deals that we believe will not only be lucrative but are relatively safe. We believe in our investment strategy so as GP's we prefer not charge any upfront fees but get a higher backend payment once the deal is profitable. Aligning our interests together.
Limited Partners

Limited Partners

Also known as passive investors our limited partners (LP) pool their resources together with us and get to enjoy the benefits of owning a Real Estate portfolio without having to do the heavy lifting. Each LP can login to our investor portal to see their portfolio and returns. We try to make distributions each quarter.


Buying the right property is just the beginning. Not only does each property need to be maintained but the portfolio often needs work. From accounting and financing to decisions when and what to buy or sell. As the GP we take care of all of that so you can receive truly passive income.
Aligning Incentives

Acting in Your
Best Interest

We have aligned our incentives with yours so that we only make money when you do. We only do deals we believe in and work to maximize profits.
Cash Flow
The core of each portfolio is the amount of profits it produces each quarter. We do distributions quarterly on the positive cashflow.
Real Estate tends to increase in value over time. We can also force appreciation through repairs and increasing rents. This tax differed source of income is often a large parto of our ROI.
Principle Pay Down
Each month while paying the mortgage a portion of that pays the amount owed down. Think of it as a forced savings account.
Tax Benefits
There are a lot of tax benefits to owning Real Estate. These can often improve your cash on cash return over other investments.
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If you are an accredited investor and would like to know more please reach out.
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Copyright by DeanArrow. All rights reserved.